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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
9:59 pm
I'm not sure why i'm writing this, but.....
Draco, I think we need to talk. At least, I need to talk to someone. Things, are well, difficult.

I'm not sure what to think or do. I think I might need some time alone. That Luna girl keeps showing up everywhere too. As if it wasn't bad enough when only Potter was following me around, now I seem to have both of them wherever I go.

What have I been doing???????

At least classes are going well.

Current Mood: perturbed
Monday, September 8th, 2003
9:19 pm
These people are so silly
I can't believe I got used to Hogwarts being so empty. It seems positively crowded now. Just last night I found myself wandering away to get away from everyone. It was almost impossible. Everywhere I went that blasted Potter was there. It was like he was following me or something.

I spent a rather interesting afternoon between classes chatting with Draco. We kept think up outlandish situations. Students would walk by and we'd match them up, make up stories about what they'd been doing this summer. It was rather fun. Of course, we were just sitting there whispering,and got some odd looks. DOn't these people have anything better to do with their time than gossip?

Mother sent me some new dress robes. I'm rather pleased. She also sent some interesting spell books she apparently picked up abroad.
Saturday, September 6th, 2003
10:03 pm
The first week of classes done.
It's a lovely evening, and I'm thrilled that the first week of school is over. I think to celebrate I shall wander the grounds, and head out to the Quidditch Pitch to admire our slave labour and relax. Besides, you never know what will come to mind when sitting alone on a night like this. Besides, Blaise and Draco are off doing something as if we don't know what that might be. Really, 16 year old boys are so predictable, but in a good way sometimes.

Current Mood: bitchy
Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
10:43 pm
Well Then....
It appears that some people are still being rather friendly. Hmm, I thought talks were ahd about that.

Millicent, mother received my letter and must have forwarded it to yours, as a voucher for dress robes arrived this morning in the mail. How silly of them. What won't they believe?

Draco, where are you? You promised me chocolate. And I miss your petulant little smile.

Current Mood: naughty
Saturday, August 9th, 2003
11:47 pm
An absolutely wonderful evening
Thank you Draco for making my night so entertaining. It's wonderful to spend it in the company of someone such as yourself. Talking with you is always so rewarding. Let's do it again, soon.

Millicent, I'm sorry I didn't run into you. However, we did try your House Elf idea. It's brilliant.

Blaise why was Harry bothering me looking for you? I told him we don't need his snitch, as the one I ordered him one and it will be here tomorrow.

Current Mood: happy
8:36 am
Things are definitely interesting.
Well, isn't Hogwarts an interesting place this summer.

Some things have been set right, Millicent and I are on reasonably good terms again. Good, because things would be dreadfully boring without you dear, Especially with Blaise and Draco always sneaking off for some time to themselves, naughty boys.

However, this work thing is horrid. How have you all put up with it?

Apparently I have to think about my advanced classes for next year. Draco, what are you taking? Now, it's off to get something for a bit of a surprise.

Current Mood: amused
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